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Cloud Storage & Backup 

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Cloud Storage and Backup 
Cloud Storage and Backup services from Wardour Secure Cloud have been designed to deliver the performance, capacity, security and flexibility needed to address today’s on-line storage challenges. No single storage architecture can fully address all the challenges presented by increasingly distributed businesses systems, therefore Wardour Secure Cloud has developed solutions that address archiving, storage, backup and SAN replication. 
The security and integrity of data and the storage solutions used are of paramount importance to many organizations, as is the geographic location of the data centres used. With Wardour Secure Cloud all data and services are housed and managed in our own UK located data centres, backed up by our support services and SLA’s. We guarantee no single points of failure. 
Cloud Backup 
Secure enterprise class offsite backup for critical data. 
Cloud Backup delivers next generation intelligent data backup and recovery to protect organizations’ business critical data in one simple unified solution. As organizations battle to protect ever increasing data environments in ever decreasing backup windows, Cloud Backup from Wardour Secure Cloud allows customers to intelligently meet business objectives by backing up critical data and retaining it in a secure N+N infrastructure. As IT environments increase in complexity, with growing physical and virtual infrastructures combining with an increasing number of applications that are critical to the functioning of organizations, IT managers are under pressure to enhance their data protection strategies. Cloud Backup helps achieve backup and recovery goals in a simple to deploy, enterprise class, intelligent managed service. 
How does Cloud Backup differ from traditional backup models? 
Traditional backup involves deploying multiple agents and storage targets with the end user premises. Historically, organizations will flat backup both physical and virtual servers, storing multiple copies of the target data on the backup platform. The backup window can be restricted by the volume of data to be processed and this often requires difficult choices to be made. The situation can be made even more complex when organizations have remote offices or remote users requiring their critical systems to be backed up or if data retention requirements mean historic data has to be copied to tape. 
The key benefit of Cloud Backup is that each unique item of data is only backed up once, meaning that during the backup window only changes are stored. Consequently, backup times are significantly reduced. Each item of data that is backed up is written to an array of N+N storage servers that ensure fault tolerance, reliability and performance. This approach allows for both granular and full backups and restores of critical data, whether virtual or physical, with the ability to restore individual files or entire systems. Cloud Backup never backs up the same data twice, allowing a highly efficient and scalable solution that meets the requirements of protecting yesterdays, todays and tomorrow’s data. 
Cloud Backup Uses 
Primary backup 
Offsite backup 
Alternative to tape 
Remote site and server protection 
Cloud Backup Benefits 
Simple deployment 
Secure encrypted efficient backup 
Meets legislative and compliance requirements 
Constantly available 
Helps achieve RTO/RPO objectives 
Unified solution to meet all requirements 
No additional investment in hardware or software 
Guaranteed Service Levels